CSF delivers top quality and consistency

Complete Surface Finishing (CSF) is an Australian-owned company with a reputation
for quality and consistency.

The Victorian-based company manufactures auto-polish machines and is also involved in high-end integration in robotics automations.

About 80 per cent of CSF machines are build to customer requirements.

CSF provides cutting-edge robotics surface preparation and finishing technology to the international aircraft industry and local marine defence industries.

From its state-of-the-art laboratory CSF manufactures polish mops and cutting to maintain consistency and quality to its customers.

Its advanced R&D facilities have made CSF a leader in surface preparation technology.
CSF designs and manufactures robotic polishing machines to client’s needs, as a turnkey solution.

CSF also provides training in how to program robots with different surface finish machinery.

For more information visit:

Complete Surface Finishing
Ph: 03 9544 5600