Covers Save Big Bucks

New hi-tech protective covers for deck machinery are now being utilised on Anzac class vessels in the Australian Navy. The covers are already saving the US Navy millions of dollars per year in reduced maintenance costs and are now available to commercial vessels looking to cut down on corrosion related expenses.

Huge savings are possible in terms of reduced maintenance time, extended periods between major equipment overhauls and a reduction in replacement costs.

Australian Pump Industries, Australasian distributors for Shield Technologies, are supplying custom made protective covers for exposed equipment on vessels such as windlasses, electronic control boxes,  RHIBs and search lights.

The product was developed by the US Navy as part of their Small Business Innovation research project to find an effective way to protect exposed assets from corrosion. The result was the development of a unique cover material that prevents the condensation that results in “greenhouse” effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations under the cover.

The new covers, sold under the ENVELOP trademark, are fabricated into a custom fit that when placed over the equipment, will absorb surface moisture and condensation. This keeps the metal surface dry and prevents deterioration and corrosion.

The absorbed moisture evaporates out through the cover, but water cannot penetrate the cover from the outside! These hi-tech covers also create a corrosion free environment with a new “VAPOUR CORROSION INHIBITOR (VCI)”, which forms a layer on the metal surface, preventing oxidisation.

“These unique new ENVELOP covers have proved popular with Navy crews, virtually eliminating corrosion and reducing the time spent on maintenance,” said Aussie Pumps John Hales.

Further information including an excellent free DVD is available from Australian Pump Industries Phone: 02 9494 4144 Fax 02 9894 4240


CAPTION FOR PHOTO: “The Australian Navy use Envelop protective covers to reduce corrosion on exposed equipment like the Capstans”

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