Cover yourself against dangerous, costly spills

Bunding is a key element of any environmental management plan.

Regulations require all liquids – except stormwater – to have some form of secondary

Often these units are polyethylene spill pallets, designed to collect at least the contents of the largest container stored.

What is often overlooked, however, is the implications of storing liquids on spill pallets
in the open, where they are subject to stormwater ingress into the bund. Any uncovered bund is non-compliant because a downpour changes the net capacity of the bund.

Often a bund is checked regularly and drained as necessary, but this poses a risk that pollutants may escape.

A sudden patch of bad weather over a weekend can partly fill a bund to render it non-compliant.

Spilldoktor has the ideal solution – PVC covers for all common poly spill pallets.

The PVC cover has a zipper door at front and is fitted over a galvanised frame to provide access to containers without completely removing the cover.

These units are supplied in kit form for ease of shipping and take only a few minutes to assemble.

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