Cost effective solution for mechanical engineers


The 3000 Series Metric Splined Shafts and Bushings are designed for applications in the
mechanical engineering sector and the automotive industry.

Splined Shafts and Bushings offer an inexpensive and efficient way to transfer high transmission torques from shafts to gears, pulleys and other components, or to couple two shafts together.

Because the splines permit sliding between mating members in the axial direction, by press fitting a spline bushing into a component, such as a gear or belt pulley, the component can be shifted axially as desired even during rotation.

Such splined components can transmit much higher torques when retained by means of set screws or keyways.

The spline shafts and bushings are manufactured from high quality materials to
DIN ISO Standards and are available in C45 cold drawn, unhardened carbon steel, in stocked lengths of 1000mm.

Shaft diameters range from 11- 42mm with 6 keys, or 8 keys on the larger sizes.

Longer shaft lengths and a stainless steel version are also available.

The mating bushings are also available from stock in St 52.3 – non-alloy structured steel with RG7 bronze, stainless steel and clamp styles upon request.

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