Cost effective solution for cable assemblies

Are you making your own cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and looms?

Do you require manual loading and soldering of components to PCB’s?

Have you recently purchased cable assemblies but now need your stock reworked to the latest design level?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions why not outsource this activity to someone with the right tools, experience and know-how?

Founded in 1979, Wiring Solutions Plus has positioned itself as one of Australia’s leading wiring harness manufacturers and has clients in the electronics, agricultural, communications, marine and automotive sectors.

The company has developed a flexible production system that allows low through to high volume manufacturing of high quality wiring harnesses and associated assemblies.

Apart from manufacturing wiring harnesses, Wiring Solutions Plus can also value add to your product by fitting and assembling the harness to other components for you.

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Wiring Solutions Plus
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