Corrosion free air pipe offers major savings

Polyethylene MAXAIR pipe is corrosion free, offering better air quality for compressed air systems.

Corrosion which occurs in metal pipe systems blocks air filters, reduces pipeline efficiency and shortens air tool life.

PE100 MAXAIR offers improvements on airline efficiency due to the smooth bore, and longer air filter life due to the absence of rust, scale and oils in the pipe.

Less filtration is required with a MAXAIR system, as the only contaminant will be carryover from the compressor plant.

No contaminants will be produced by the pipework — a major saving in filtration and efficiency.

Fusion welded or compression fittings offer leak free service.

The MAXAIR system has a pressure rating of l600kpa covered by a safety factor of 2:1 and is designed for a minimum life of 50 years.

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