Contiminated Water Solution

Corrosive and contaminated water can destroy cast iron pumps within months. The Aussie Pumps’ solution is to use cast 316 stainless steel self priming pumps.

The company reports excellent success from their Aussie GMP X-series range in handling contaminated water from tailings dams in mine sites around Australia.

The flagship of the range is the popular 3” x 3” model B3XRA-X. This heavy duty cast 316 stainless steel motor pump offers resistance to both corrosion and abrasion! Designed to self prime, the 3 inch Aussie stainless steel pump offers flows of up to 1550 litres per minute with a maximum head 30 metres.

As a self priming pump it is also able to draught water from the tailings dam through a range of as much as 6 metres vertical lift.

“It’s ability to suck the contaminated water without having to be reprimed every time is a huge advantage,” said Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia. “Users hate having to prime a suction pump because it’s inconvenient and of course the water is contaminated! It’s a dirty job”, he said.

The pump is equipped with a big open style non clog impeller that is able to pass solids in suspension. It also features a silicone carbide mechanical seal for abrasion resistance. The pump’s cast 316 body is virtually impervious to the corrosive nature of the liquid. An easy to remove suction cover means the pump is easy to service without dismantling.

The pump comes in standard configuration with a 5.5HP (4kW) 415 volt three phase motor. Motors are total enclosed squirrel cage design fitted with thermistors for extra protection. The compact motor pump is easy to install.

Optional high up pressure and high up higher flow models of the same series, with power ratings with up to 10Hp (7.5kw) also available.

The big 3” Aussie B3XRA-X is also available in bare shaft or hydraulic drive configurations. Dual rig operators use both configurations but Aussie Pumps reports that the hydraulic drives are becoming significantly more popular. Cast 316 stainless steel Aussie pumps are being used in a number of mining operations around Australia with excellent success rates.

The company now offers a full range of self priming pumps for diesel applications. These 316 cast pumps represent excellent value for money and are made to the stringent ISO9001 quality stamp.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries, from their website and Aussie Pump Gold Distributors throughout Australia and the South Pacific.