Condition Monitoring Solution of Energy Chains from Treotham Automation

igus has developed a Push Pull force Detection System (PPDS) as a condition monitoring solution especially for large energy chain systems.


Developed only two years ago, the system is distributed in Australia by Treotham Automation and is already being used in numerous significant applications world-wide including the Port of Singapore and Europe’s largest coal loading port, EMO in Rotterdam.

By monitoring the push-pull forces on the energy chain, Push Pull force Detection System helps avoid damage to - and failure of - the system by allowing correct and timely maintenance or remote intervention.

This online monitoring system has another even easier to use sibling, Push Pull force Detection System easy.

Newly developed, this entry-level conditioning monitoring version provides comprehensive protection, from mechanical damage in energy chain applications with complete monitoring of push-pull forces with selectable parameters, emergency system switch-off in the event of overload and a data logger for up to 40,000 entries.

Push Pull force Detection System easy does not have the remote intervention option: the system shuts down if a pre-determined maximum value is exceeded (instead of through a permanent reference/actual value comparison as with the big Push Pull force Detection System solution), and through improved economic feasibility, igus has now extended condition monitoring to include smaller systems.