Compuload 3000 and 4000 gain trade approval

We at Atlas Weighing are delighted to announce that after rigorous testing by National Measurement Institute (Previously known as the National Standards Commission) at both their laboratory and in field, “trade approval” status has been approved for the popular range of COMPULOAD scales for wheel loaders. 

The Compuload 3000 and 4000 are the only Australian made scales to have this approval. 

This approval now allows the Compuload 3000 and 4000 to be legally used in applications such as landscape supply, bulk haulage, royalty payment and other bulk material instances where monetary transactions are by weight. Prior to this there was no other alternative but to have a expensive weighbridge or access to one which added considerable cost to every load being weighed.

Both 3000 and 4000 systems include a Compuload 4060 printer to allow printouts of individual bucket lifts together with total tonnage as the material is handled.

Dynamic weighing allows the load to be weighed without impeding the fl ow of the loader. This is a massive benefit to operators continually loading trucks.

Data including Customer, Product and Truck, together with date, time and weight can be stored for printing at a later time or downloaded direct to a PC.

It is important to note that earlier models of the Compuload 3000 & Compuload 4000 can be upgraded to “trade approved” status.

The Compuload Series loader scales have proven over the last fi fteen years to be one of the most reliable and accurate available in the world. Atlas Weighing exports Compuload to markets in USA, Europe, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Asia.