Compuload 1000: Another world-beater from Atlas

Atlas Weighing have been supplying “on board” weighing indicators to the forklift industry for more than 20 years and have recently introduced the Compuload 1000 to their impressive range of weighing systems.

The new Compuload 1000 has been designed to replace the old analogue
pressure gauge system. It is competitively priced and boasts superior performance.

“Digital systems previously have been either too expensive or they were unreliable and most probably imported, says Atlas director Barry Tobin.

“The Compuload 1000 has been purpose built in Australia for this application and uses technology carried over from the very successful Compuload 3000, he said.

“The aim in development was to keep the price tag down, make it reliable, accurate and easy to use.”

Most mechanics or fitters can install the Compuload 1000.

It is ideal in applications where a quick check of the weight for goods being lifted
by the forklift is required. The Compuload 3000 can accumulate the weight as multiple
loads are being loaded onto a truck. It also has the ability to print out a label that can be stuck to the goods for weight identification.

The RTA “chain of responsibility” regulations require companies to be aware of the weight of products being loaded onto trucks before they are in transit.

Atlas Weighing
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