Complete Layer handling with Schmalz SPZ Large area Grippers

Speed and efficiency are major considerations in today's manufacturing environment. Using vacuum to palletise complete layers of product enables these considerations to be realised.


The Schmalz SPZ series of large area vacuum gripper systems are a complete and customisable automation solution for palletising and depalletising activities. Utilising a modern, modular construction concept to enable easy customisation specific to particular handling requirements, the SPZ layer gripper can handle many products including cartons, trays, film-packed goods, bottles, cans, and other sometimes difficult products to handle.


The vacuum head can be sized to suit any industry standard or custom pallet configuration, and, using either a remotely mounted single vacuum generation system, or individual venturi units for each gripper module, it's possible to achieve a large degree of flexibility and control over how the whole system operates.


The underside of the SPZ gripper system is available in many configurations; from a foam mat suitable for handling rough, flexible or textured products, to a low temperature suction pad array which can be used for depalletising boxes coming out of cold storage.


The mounting of the gripper is made easy by means of "T" slots on the top face of the head, and accessories to complement the system are also available. Accessories include mechanical side clamps, vacuum pressure sensors, filters units, and solenoid control valves.


The Schmalz SPZ layer grippers are brought to the Australian market through its local partner Millsom Materials Handling P/L.