Compact programmable measurement controller

A&D Mercury Pty Ltd’s AD4820 is a HMI and PLC measurement and control system all rolled into one complete compact package. It runs a 32 Bit RISC processor and uses a real time operating system, RT Linux.

The AD4820 uses a GUI front end known as Virtual Console (VC), together with a PLC Ladder for controlling all I/O, known as Measurement and Control Ladder (MC).

The AD4820 unit is suitable for system integrators and OEM manufacturers who need control and display for - mass, stress, flow, pressure, revolution, power, torque and temperature.

The device is suitable for many industries that require batching of ingredient, blending by mixers, filling containers, emptying vessels and factory automation and control.

The AD4820 is supplied with free VC and MC software packages and it comes as standard with a STN colour touch screen, Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, RS422 ports and full diagnostic Firmware for all option cards.

The AD4820 can handle field inputs and outputs such as - load cells, resistive temperature, analogue 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc, differential voltages, thermal couples, relay and digital I/O and Multiple Serial I/O. It is also waterproof to IP65.