Comfortable, Cut Resistant Glove Ideal for Agriculture

People working in agricultural industries are exposed to a variety of hand injuries. These injuries can be scrapes, cuts and abrasions sustained while maintaining equipment, handling sharp tractor attachments, working with maintenance tools and sharp edges of steel fences or bins.

Despite the tough skin produced by years of outdoor farm work, no hand will resist serious cuts that often require medical attention. Injuries of this type can take a long time to heal and have a major impact on productivity, particularly on family operated properties.

Hand protection has come a long way from the ill-fitting, sweaty and often ineffective leather work gloves that are often removed to carry out tasks that require a high degree of dexterity.

Ansell has released its HyFlex® 11-624 glove that is designed to feel cool, yet provide comfort and dexterity throughout a long work day. A special formulation polyurethane coating gives the gloves flexibility and fit, as well as a secure grip on dry to slightly oily pieces.

The liner is made from a yarn structure containing Dyneema®, which is said to be the world's strongest fibre and gives this glove a high level of cut resistance to level EN 388 Category II with testing compliant with AS/NZS 2161.

An elasticised knitted wrist adds to comfort and reduces the possibility of gloves catching on protruding objects.

The company says this glove is ideally suited to hand protection in areas such as agriculture, machinery and equipment maintenance, metal fabrication and handling of sharp-edged objects. 

AN 10213