In the comfort “zonz”

Ansell’s HyFlex®11-800 glove has been upgraded

Recognized for its excellent fit, feel, grip and durability, the general purpose knitted and dipped HyFlex 11-800 has been redesigned to further improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

The 11-800, which is the Ansell’s best selling industrial glove, now features patented Zonz™ Knit Technology.

The new liner knitting technology reduces hand fatigue by providing stress release in the knuckle area. This innovative technology uses a patented knitting process with a varying stitch design that enhances glove stretch for maximum flexibility and dexterity.

Comfort is also enhanced by an additional knitting process that drops down the little finger. With the upper palm portion below the middle-three fingers knitted separately from the rest of the palm, and the little finger joint mounted lower than the rest, independent movements are enhanced resulting in a better-fitted glove.

Rounding out the changes is an “extra comfort” cuff which features an over edge that means the glove can be more easily pulled on and off.

Taken together, these enhancements mean the 11-800’s traditional strengths of grip, comfort, protection and general handling performance for applications that demand versatility and dexterity are now better balanced than before.

Workers using the glove for dry or slightly oily applications that require light mechanical protection and high levels of handling finesse will benefit from the improved comfort.

Both the mechanical performance levels of the glove (EN 388:3131) and the proven nitrile foam palm coating are unchanged.

Also unchanged is the pricing, which consolidates what the company believes is an excellent value proposition.

The new glove will be introduced as a running change, with the first deliveries starting now.

The carton, U-card and stamp will feature new HyFlex 11-800 art work.