Cold Storage Tilter makes dunnage removal safe and efficient

Company Profile:

CB Cold storage is an owner-operated cold storage facility located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia with a volume capacity of approximately 50,000 cubic metres.


CB had issues unloading chilled goods pallets. As is common with many cold store pallets they arrived with dunnage sheets between the product layers and these sheets had to be removed. The existing procedure was manual and necessitated the depalletising of an entire pallet to remove the dunnage.

The Problem:

The established procedure was slow and risked injury to the operators.

Product Chosen:

Safetech AT1-90L Cold Store Tilter.

How does it work:

  1. The Cold Store Tilter starts at floor level to permit access with a hand pallet truck and then tilts 90 degrees so cold store separating sheets can be removed.
  2. The hydraulic top platten can then be gently clamped and the load returned to the upright position.
  3. At this stage in the cycle the dunnage sheets have been safely removed from the pallet.

Benefits of this product:

Productivity and safety were both improved with the use of the tilter.


Manually unstacking the pallets was the only alternative.