COBRA a World First

World-first from Australian forklift manufacturer


In what is believed to be a world first, the Task Group has launched an all new heavy duty legless stacker to the Australian market.


This is a unique product, we are unaware of any other counterbalanced pedestrian electric forklift in the world which has power steering and variable total control (VTC) hydraulic actuation.


Introduced this month, the SUMI-COBRA is suitable for any large load application up to two tonnes with a lift height of 6 metres. 


“Being ‘clean and green’, it is suitable for applications such as pharmaceutical, food processing and distribution and ideal for confined spaces or high pedestrian traffic areas” says TASK Chairman Dean Rainsford.  He adds that the forklift’s easy manoeuvrability, even with a full payload and simple charging, makes it ideal for female operators. With the increase in fuel prices we are seeing a greater demand from our customers for energy efficient materials handling equipment, with a greater number of clients choosing the pedestrian electric option.


Demo models for all the TASK branches are currently being manufactured at the company’s factory in Adelaide for demonstrations with a number of orders pending thereafter.


“We have also had strong interest from Singapore and New Zealand,” says Rainsford, adding that it has not yet been released anywhere else.


Other features include: main function controls are integrated into the new style control handle; ergonomic butterfly controls operate variable speed control that offers smooth stepless acceleration in forward or reverse with high starting torque and energy saving dynamic braking; and tilt functions are controlled by a joy stick mounted on the dash panel.


The advanced 24v DC drive motor with sealed bearings provides a powerful traction control system.


The interlock chassis is so strong it comes with a lifetime warranty.


The COBRA pedestrian forklift comes in 1300kg, 1500kg and 2000kg capacities with lift heights from 2.5 to 6 metres. For more information call TASK on 1300 13 2002