Climbing the stairs to success


Sunwa battery-powered stairclimbers from Japan are ideal for moving a broad range of goods on most surfaces – either indoors or outdoors.

Distributed by Moore Equipment, these stairclimbers are renowned for safety and high efficiency.

And they can move just about anything including white goods, safes, vending machines, sound and musical equipment, computers and associated software, and bottled fluids.

Moore Equipment distributes two models, CU133A Compact Series (130kg capacity) and CU606SF Heavy Duty Series (600kg capacity).

The electromagnetic brakes with superb traction prevents the vehicle from sliding down on stairs, even when the motor is stopped.

CU133A ascends 19 steps per minute and descends 32 steps per minute.

CU606SF ascents about 11 steps per minute and descends about 13 steps a minute.

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