Climb to safety with Miller’s new Ladder Grip

To make working at heights safer for thousands of professional and DIY tradesmen, Miller by Sperian, a leader in personal protective equipment, has released the new Ladder Grip.

Falls from heights are one of the most common, and preventable, workplace accidents in Australia.

In Victoria alone in 2007/08, more than 1300 injuries were reported. This cost the state and employers thousands of dollars in compensation and lost productivity.

Uniquely designed to act as both a low profile ladder bracket and a fall arrest anchor point for one person, the Miller Ladder Grip unit attaches permanently to the roof, holding the ladder in place and preventing it from moving or tipping over during use.

For added safety and security, the unit also comes complete with a practical handle for easy support when climbing on to, or off the roof.

Easy to install, with a low profile design for minimal visual intrusion, the Miller Ladder Grip unit can be mounted on single or multiple ridges using supplied mounting rivets, and is fitted with a weather seal.

Suitable for any roof work applications (except for tiled roofs), the Miller Ladder Grip is manufactured from 4mm galvanised mild steel, and is ideal for use by roof contractors, and those working at heights.

The Miller Ladder Grip unit is certified to AS/NZS 1891-4 as a fall arrest of restraint anchor point.

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