Clean, clutter-free workbenches from BAC Systems

The Hastings-Deering Group has equipped its new electrical lab rooms with customised BAC lab workbenches.

This setting allows for apprentices and technicians to learn and update their skills using
the electrical equipment associated with the Caterpillar range of heavy equipment.

The learning environment is optimised with custom-designed partitioned drawers within a modulised concept that can be adapted to any workplace.

Spare parts, tools and instruments are stored close at hand while maintaining a clean, clutter-free and safe environment.

BAC Systems has refined one of the most advanced drawer storage systems in the world, which have played a central role in all modern workplaces over the past 30 years.

The Australian Design Award-winning system from BAC ensures an ergonomical and streamlined solution for heavy-duty use in the mining and service industries.

BAC drawers are precision-engineered from high-yielding steel and run on bearings with patented tracks and sideguards. All drawers have slotted sidewalls to accommodate partitions and dividers for drawer subdivision.

Drawerfloors are perforated to allow the fitting of partitioning screws, drawerposts, toolbars and CNC containers.

A full range of plastic bins is available to fit various drawer sizes.

BAC drawers create a user-friendly workplace environment with unprecedented worker satisfaction and improved productivity.

They are complemented by BAC Modules with adjustable shelves and separators for storage of larger parts and instruments. A free advisory service is available for all layouts.

BAC Systems Pty Limited
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