Cincom software to assist defence forces

Cincom has signed an agreement with ASC Pty Ltd, a company acting on behalf of the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Alliance, for ASC to implement Cincom’s Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management software (ECQM).

Cincom ECQM helps manufacturers improve revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction by delivering a fully integrated suite of solutions that resolve issues quickly and prevent recurrence, ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.

Phase 1 of the agreement includes the use of Cincom’s Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management software by ASC (formerly known as Australian Submarine Corporation) for its role as shipbuilder in the AWD Alliance.

“We are committed to providing a high-value, low-cost solution to the AWD Alliance through ASC to improve its business and ensure it is in the best position to offer value for the money for its customers, said Paul Hargreaves, managing director of Cincom Australia and NZ.

“Our relationship with ASC reflects Cincom’s dedication to providing world-class solutions
for organizations within the defence industry.”

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