Cincom Introduces Configuration Management Software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator helps complex manufacturers create effective sales configuration

Sydney, Australia - April 1, 2008 - Worldwide software provider Cincom Systems Cincom today introduces Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the new configuration, users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can win more customers, while still being able to fulfill the orders accurately and on time.

Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator captures the product, services, and business knowledge needed for guided selling, complex product and sales configuration, and proposal management. It enables complex manufacturers to capture and deliver critical application, product, pricing, and process knowledge to the point of sale - ensuring the optimal fit between the manufacturers' product offerings and customers' needs.

Manufacturers with engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products have successfully streamlined sales, design, and proposal processes by using Cincom to deliver critical product and sales knowledge to the point of sale and reduce "quote-to-cash" time significantly.

"Cincom is aggressively committed to expanding its channel program," says Gregor Newland, channel manager. "Microsoft Corp. industry partners are always on the lookout for software technologies that will benefit their clients, especially those that utilize the Microsoft Dynamics platform."

"Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator is a leader in flexibility and true knowledge management, and now this functionality is combined with the power of Microsoft," continues Newland. "This allows partners to better enable their clients to improve crucial front-office processes such as guided selling, product configuration, estimating and bidding, and quotation and proposal management."

Easy integration with Microsoft

To the end-user, the interoperability between the two products is seamless. Two simple buttons appear on the Microsoft toolbar marked "New Configured Opportunity Product" and "Reconfigure Opportunity Product." These buttons open a web-based version of Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics and lists all of the products that can be configured.

The "new" button adds a new product to an opportunity after going through Cincom's configuration application. The "reconfigure" button does the same but for a product that has already been configured at least once. Products configured in the Cincom's Sales and Product Configurator are stored and routed in the Microsoft Dynamics applications.