Cincom and Medical Data Express Create Alliance to Provide Document, Claim-Testing, and Encounter-Processing Solutions

Software providers Cincom Systems ( and Medical Data Express (MDE) ( have formed a global alliance to provide improved claims and document accuracy for the health insurance industry.

Most health insurance payers struggle with generating documents that accompany the claims-payment and settlement process. They are also unaware that comprehensive document-generation products are available that easily integrate with the claims disbursement process. This alliance will make document creation, claim testing, and encounter solutions ? that check the accuracy of the claims-reimbursement process ? more easily attainable for Cincom’s and MDE’s respective network of health insurance clients.

Cincom Systems provides the tools health insurers require to easily create, generate, and deliver personalized document communications such as claims letters, explanations of benefits, and member correspondence in real time. Companies that implement CDS can reduce document costs by 80%, improve production times by 90%, and virtually eliminate document errors.

Cincom Eloquence® is one of the most-intuitive document composition solutions in the insurance industry. Cincom Eloquence enables organizations to strengthen customer relationships, minimize compliance risks, and reduce operating costs by simplifying the management of business-critical document composition processes through a software suite that is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into complex, legacy environments.

MDE’s Xpress Encounter Pro gives insurance payors reassurance that their claims-processing systems are accurate from the provider’s submission to the claims acceptance. Xpress Encounter Pro works with any claims-processing system and is 100 percent HIPAA-compliant. It is one of the quickest encounter software packages to implement into production and provides complete tracking, reporting, and resolution of pending encounters.

MDE’s Xpress Claim Test Pro gives insurance payers the ability to create, manage, reconcile, and document claim test cases.  Xpress Claim Test Pro enables organizations to perform large-scale testing and validation, reassuring that management system changes, enhancements, and upgrades have been adequately tested prior to migrating changes to production.  Xpress Claim Test Pro works with major claims processing systems.