Cincom’s Sales Configurator Allows Self-Service Through Improved Web Accessibility

Cincom’s Sales Configurator helps complex manufacturers create effective sales configuration. Worldwide software and services provider Cincom Systems ( introduces the worldwide availability of Cincom’s Sales Configurator for the Web, an add-on module to its standard Cincom Sales Configurator 8.0 (

The new AJAX-based thin web client makes it easier for manufacturers to provide access to their product configuration and quoting systems to dealers, other sales channel partners, and even customers.


“More and more manufacturing companies that create build-to-order products are looking to see how they can simplify their ability to make a sale,” says Jim Wilson, Product Director for Cincom’s Sales Configurator. “Delivering critical application, product, and pricing information directly to dealers and customers keeps engineers and other factory experts out of the sales process. This makes closing a sale simpler and faster because fewer people are involved.”


Cincom’s Sales Configurator for the Web comes with the ability to customize the “skin” or graphic user interface of the web application. This ensures that the pages adhere to the manufacturers’ brand standards and gives the manufacturer complete control over the experience their customers receive. Cincom’s web module uses the same database as the Cincom Sales Configurator 8.0. Both can be run simultaneously.


AJAX, an open-source technology framework, improves performance and simplifies deployment for customers using complex, rules-based applications over the web, an intranet, or in HTML-based application portals.


Cincom’s Sales Configurator captures the product, services, and business knowledge needed for guided selling, complex product and sales configuration, and proposal management. It enables complex manufacturers to capture and deliver critical application, product, pricing, and process knowledge to the point of sale – ensuring the optimal fit between manufacturers’ product offerings and customers’ needs.

Manufacturers with engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products have successfully streamlined sales, design, and proposal processes by using Cincom to deliver critical product and sales knowledge to the point of sale and reduce “quote-to-cash” time significantly. For more information about these products and other Cincom solutions for manufacturers, visit