Christy Towels

Christy Towels supply direct to a large number of Retailers both in the UK, Europe and US. Range of products includes Bath Towels, Beach Towels, Robes, Bed Linen, Bedroom accessories, Duvets and Pillows.


Having been acquired by Welspun their manufacturing is all performed outside the Christy business unit from facilities around the world putting pressure on their Supply Chain process. The forecast categories include Market, Channel, Sales Group, Sales Account, Stock Type, Range, Size, Colour, and SKU.


The combination of the above creates a complex interconnected forecast model. The monthly forecasting process can react rapidly to changes in the market. The process is as automated as possible, allowing forecasters to input market activity and promotions, as well as measuring their accuracy. As the process continues to develop and improve performance, accuracy across all ranges has now reached 85%, and continues to improve.


The resulting forecast is used both to feed into the procurement process and to provide a long-term strategic plan.