Choose the Right Air Couplings

Air couplings consist of matching halves; the coupler must match its relative plug for it to work properly. If you are already using particular type of air couplings and is looking for replacement parts, it is recommended to check the type of plug to find its relative coupler. It is also important to find out which component of the compressed air system is the air coupling connected to.

Types of connection include male, female and hose end (barbed). If your air tool has male connection, then you will need coupler or plug with female connection to join the two. Furthermore, the size of two connecting pieces has to be identical, that is, a 1/4" male need a 1/4" female to connect.

AIRSUPPLY® air couplings are interchangeable with most types of air couplings found in Australia. AIRSUPPLY® also offers trade quality air couplings in wide range of connection sizes to suit different job requirements, or to replace existing ones. If you are still unsure of which couplings to choose, we are also able to make recommendations to help you to find the right items.

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