The choice is clear: new Stockcap tubes

Adding to its growing product offering, Stockcap has released a new range of clear tubes for packaging and mailing.

Made of recyclable PETG plastic and in-stock for immediate delivery, the Stockcap range includes clear packaging tubes from 7mm up to 90mm diameter in stock lengths of 1.22m as well as clear mailing tubes in diameters from 34mm up to 90mm and stock lengths of 305mm and 610mm.

The 1.22m long clear packaging tubes make an ideal package for cutting tools, bearings, welding rods, screwdrivers and other products requiring extra-strong packaging.

The rugged PETG material maintains its shape while being flexible enough not to split or crack under typical use.

The clear mailing tubes in 305mm and 610mm lengths are light weight and have the added benefits of addressing security concerns and displaying a 360° message.

For the finishing touch, Stockcap has stock black flexible vinyl caps to suit all sizes of their packaging and mailing tubes. Other cap colours and styles are available made-to-order.

Stockcap Plastic Packaging and mailing tubes are competitively priced and available in convenient pack sizes with no minimum order value.

Stockcap (Sinclair & Rush Pty Limited)
Ph: 1800 00 3211