Channel Collaboration Available with Cincom Acquire

Cincom Acquire helps complex manufacturers share and collaborate

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Cincom Systems announces that its Channel Collaboration is the latest component available of its new enterprise sales portal software, Cincom AcquireTM. Cincom Acquire is the leading enterprise sales portal solution for companies that sell complex products and services. It is designed to fill the gaps in traditional CRM- and ERP-based systems such as guided selling, channel and distributor collaboration, sales and product configuration, quotation and proposal management, project and bid management, and contract and order management.

Cincom Acquire’s Channel Collaboration component enables complex manufacturers to easily share information and collaborate among the people specifically responsible for selling and delivering products to customers. Built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server architecture, Cincom Acquire makes use of the Microsoft tools that employees use every day such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Project.

Cincom Acquire’s Channel Collaboration Framework includes:

Portal Administration – Includes intuitive administration tools for managing users, menus, actions, navigation, and page layouts—decreasing the time and cost to deploy and manage the portal.

Workflow Management – Provides graphical, drag and drop tools to create workflows that connect people, processes, and systems.

Integration and Automation – Provides publish and subscribe facilities to easily integrate multiple systems and to automate business processes.

Forms Management – Supports the ability to create and deploy electronic forms solutions for interactive documents, capturing user input, printing documents, or responding to workflow requests.

Reporting and Analytics – Provides a robust business intelligence environment for general reporting, scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators, and dimensional analysis.

Cincom Business Rules – Empowers business users to create expert applications using drag-and-drop graphical modeling tools. Based on a centrally managed knowledge-base, business users can automate complex, expert-driven processes such as providing recommendations, diagnosing problems, complex decision-making, and product/process configuration.

Cincom Acquire has helped manufacturers selling complex engineer-to-order or configure-to-order products successfully streamline their sales, design, and proposal processes by delivering critical product and sales knowledge to the point of sale, while significantly reducing "quote to cash" time. Cincom has helped manufacturers reduce proposal generation time from five days to 15 minutes, decrease time to close a sale by 80 percent, and cut lead times from 14 weeks to six weeks.

Cincom Acquire includes "out-of-the-box" integration with SAP,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other systems. Cincom Acquire was nominated for Microsoft’s 2008 Office Business Application of the Year. For more information about Cincom’s products and solutions for complex manufacturers, visit