Chainflex Cables & Chains Available From Treotham

In demanding environmental conditions, sensitive applications with high cycle rates, speeds and accelerations, require proven protection systems for long-term functional safety, particularly for energy chains and their cables.

Chainflex CF98 and CF99 are a series of such cables and chains that have been developed while being successfully tested over more than 30 million strokes. Despite bending radii smaller than 4xd, these have become the current standard in numerous high-load applications.

Today, EMC safety and the fulfilment of standards and guidelines for bus user groups are always a component part of requirements, in order to guarantee that automation technology works under any circumstances.

The energy chain specialist igus has been supplying Chainflex cables (through Treotham Automation in Australia) in more than 750 types and seven different sheathing materials for such applications for more than 18 years.

By continually testing these cables, igus has developed moving energy supplies in chains that are especially tailor-made to match individual applications and their respective conditions.

In the igus technical centre, numerous tests are carried out concurrently under demanding application conditions. These results are collected in databases and can be accessed by customers at any time, allowing customers to be early adopters of cutting edge technology.