CBC appointed distributor for MAV

CBC Power Transmission has been appointed the Australian distributor for Italian manufacturer MAV. MAV develops and manufactures shaft-hub locking devices to meet individual customer specifications.

MAV specialises in keyless frictional shaft-hub locking. Keyless frictional locking is a variation of shrinking on, but far easier and cheaper to manufacture and install.

Unlike the static locking devices commonly used in gear wheels, conveyor drums, pulleys, cams and sprockets, keyless frictional locking devices combine precise motion with the force transmitted by a friction coupling.

Most common hub to shaft locking systems have various types of keys, splines and tapered pins. They are simple to design and construct, but rarely offer the flexibility and strength of keyless friction devices.

MAV frictional locking devices retain the advantages of shrinking on. Numerous types available to suit most applications, providing the designer with greater flexibility to reduce machining and assembly costs.