In case of emergency, get Spill Station


The Mayo Clinic, based in the US, has recently issued advice on first aid treatment of chemical burns.

The internationally renowned medical institution reinforced the importance of flushing the area with cool water to minimise the damage cause by skin exposed to chemicals.

Standard safety showers can allow water in the pipes to heat up to temperatures in excess of 40°C and add to the damage caused by the original chemical burn.

Spill Station Australia has a range of emergency showers and eyewash units designed to delivery flushing water at temperatures compliant with Australian, international and rigorous medical standards.

The self-draining showers and eyewash units from Spill Station drain all water in the pipes to ensure a cool flushing water is delivered at a compliant temperature.

Exclusive to Spill Station Australia, the Hughes Safety Showers range of emergency safety showers, eyewash units and decontamination units are manufactured to meet the internationally recognised American Standard ANSI Z 358.1-2004 as well as the Australian Standard for Emergency Eyeywash and Shower Equipment AS 4775-2007.

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