The Carbon Economy - FREE Executive Breakfast Seminar Series

Understanding where the carbon emissions are within a company and how to take the right action to manage them is critical.  It also equals massive cost savings for your business.

The AirRoad Group is committed to environmental sustainability and carbon management initiatives are at the forefront of their core business. So, they are   hosting a 'must attend' free Executive Breakfast Seminar on the carbon economy.

Enjoy a cabaret-style hot breakfast in 5 star luxury, whilst gaining knowledge and an understanding of the central issues surrounding the emerging carbon economy and the value of reduction strategies as conducted by David Sag from Carbon Planet. The seminar is aimed at delivering an overview on the carbon economy and what this means for your business, your company, your sector. This will be accompanied with a focus on ‘how to’ manage the carbon footprint journey.

Seats are limited so do not delay in registering for your place!