Car Scissor Hoist for Basement Car Park

Company Profile:

Pindan are Western Australia's leading multi-disciplined Property and Construction Company.


Lowering motor vehicles in an apartment complex from the ground floor into the basement car park.

The Problem:

To access a basement car park in a building with limited available space; this prevented the use of conventional driveway ramp.

Product Chosen:

Safetech AS4-2650W Lift Table Car Scissor Hoist.

Benefits of this Product:

The Safetech Scissor Lift Table provided the customer with the ability to park motor vehicles in the basement car park that would otherwise have been accessible. This was done with an automatically controlled custom scissor lift platform designed and manufactured by Safetech.


Car park ramps were considered however due to the lack of space available the use of a ramp was not a viable option.