Campaign to overhaul ‘outdated’ fan technology

Air movement and workplace environment specialist Fanquip is seeking support from mechanical ventilation companies to overhaul longstanding but outdated, “inadequate” fan and purging technology in Australia.

By joining forces with like-minded mechanical ventilation experts, Fanquip aims to upgrade substandard fans equipment and systems, which have been struggling in commercial, industrial and public premises.

Locations for overhauls include food processors, hospitals and medical centres, shopping centres, industrial premises, retail complexes, commercial units, residential blocks and car parks.

Fanquip’s concern is that too many existing ventilation systems have been running on equipment that is not suited to the demanding tasks.

Many are breaking down and lowering OH&S levels on location.

As all its own fans are manufactured domestically for the industrial market, Fanquip is adamant its technology is more capable than some fans currently in use in handling even the most difficult duty cycles.

Fanquip claims its products are engineered to exceed Basix Code requirements throughout Australia.

Now more than ever exhaust fan systems are required to remove stale air from all types of premises to meet environmental requirements and mandatory OH&S laws.

Industry is expected to install an exhaust fan system fitout that uses low energy and returns high efficiency.

This should be combined with the necessary electronics to phase products in and out – something Fanquip has as a standard.

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