Cable Protection Systems from Treotham Automation

Treotham Automation  is the exclusive distributor of PMA cables in Australia which enhance safety across a large range of industries by preventing system malfunctions and/or complete breakdown of machines, vehicles, and installations.

Using both common metal and polymide cable conduits and meeting the strict requirements of the Atex directive for processing industries, PMA’s flexible cable protection systems are an inconspicuous solution offering mechanical strength, resistance to UV, resistance to corrosion, all within a wide temperature range.

Suitable for use in critcal applications such as those with high explosion risks, as described in the Atex 137 defined zones 1 and 2 (gas/vapours) plus zones 21 and 22 (dust), and the directive 94/9/EG, PMA, of Switzeland, in 2005, were the first cable manufacturer to produce a flexible polyamide cable protection system to be approved by Atex.

Protecting electrical cables and lines from mechanical influences such as chafing, compression, bending and impact, water and fluid penetration, weathering, UV radiation, chemical exposure, and rodents, PMA’s flexible or highly flexible corrugated polyamide conduits have been performance-proven in static, dynamic, and even robotic applications.

For environmentally-specific applications, PMA has several polyamide variations.

Polyamides 6, 11, 12 have proved to be suited to high protection requirements.

In areas where sparking may occur due to the presence of gases, fluids, and those finely distributed solid particles, which in combination with oxygen produce potentially explosive atmosphere, cable protection for machinery is a mandatory safety requirement. PMA cable protection systems ensure a high level of safety is maintained.

Through the use of their specifically modified Polyamides 11 and 12, the risk of sparking through electrostic charge build-up, something normally associated with polyamides, has been circumvented by PMA by ensuring the surface resistance, of its cable protection sytems, is below 109 Ohms, the electrostatic charge, that could otherwise build up from friction with another surface, is discharged via the earth connection of the cable system, preventing ignition.

Halogen and cadmium free, PMA cable protection systems are resistant against motor fuels, oils, fats, weak acids and bases, common solvents, and do not corrode.

All components are Atex 95 approved, ro use in temperatures of -20°C to 85°C, and as such, are suited to the most adverse conditions, both in and out of doors.

The product range includes numerous straight and elbow terminations, distributors, and mountings, connection pieces that allow connection to rigid metal conduits, as well as the extremely flexible corrugated conduit.

Ease of assembly, configuration, and installation is achieved through the advantages of flexibility leading to cost and time savings. The flexible corrugated conduit is easily formed around corners, eliminating time consuming assembll procedures.

The conduits can be cut with a standard knife or a special pair of scissors, and is easily attached to the system by simply pushing them in to the fittings. Re-opening of the section is possible with a screwdriver, for safety reasons.

The conduits have good resistance to reverse bending, withstanding upto four million cycles, making them well suited to dynamic applications. PMAs new Atex approved products are functionally equivalent to the standard PMA products that have been tried and tested in the rail, machine, and automation sectors for over thirty years.

These new modified polyamides, suitable for use in explosion endangered installations, are applicable to chemical installations, oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical plants, painting machines, mills, textile factories, and machiners and installations that handle paper and cardboard.