Burny 10 LCD Plus system from Profile Cutting Systems

The Burny 10LCD PlusProfile Cutting Systems  offer the Burny 10LCD Plus, which is the next step in PC-based motion control. Designed for multiple axis cutting machines, the Burny 10LCD Plus features advances in CNC technology on a proven platform, which is engineered to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The Burny 10LCD Plus is an industrial grade PC, designed to operate in extreme shop environments where temperature and humidity extremes, metal dust, RF radiation, vibration and constant machine movements are common.

The system is easy to learn, use and allows multiple control and programming tasks to be completed simultaneously. With a Windows XP embedded operating system, the Burny 10LCD Plus produces precise and repeatable motion control. The results are clear with high accuracy and tight tolerances even on complicated parts.

The Burny 10LCD Plus can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with virtually all processes including oxyfuel, plasma, laser, waterjet, routers, punches, drills, knives and markers. It is available as an upgrade to existing machines or can be delivered on a new machine. The Burny 10LCD Plus is backed by Burny's extensive staff of experienced in-house engineers and service technicians.