Bunded shelving provides perfect storage solution

Many industries store a host of smaller containers, ranging from paint and lubricants to agricultural chemicals.

In most cases these are not dangerous chemicals and are simply stored on conventional shelves or in cabinets of some kind.

Some companies may not be aware of a common, but vital EPA regulation that requires all liquid – apart from stormwater – to be bunded.

In the past it has been a costly exercise to bund containers because of limited storage options.

To solve this problem, Spilldoktor has released new-look bunded shelving, providing a cost effective and compliant storage method for a wide range of liquids.

The units come in kit form for quick and simple assembly, and are available in two sizes – single depth and double depth shelving.

These units are ideal for decanting detergents, oils, chemicals and the like. The base tray projects around the footprint of the shelving unit, offering protection from accidental leaks and spills.

Perforated heavy duty ABS shelving ensures spilt liquids do not pool but end up safely on the poly tray at the bottom.

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