Bulk bag handling with Monorail

Company Profile:

DRYPAC specialises in the development of innovative and functional solutions for packaging across a range of industries.


1,000kg bulk bags of granulated plastic need to be positioned over a pair of hoppers so the contents can be emptied into the in-feed shute. This task was currently performed using a forklift and lifting frame to raise each bag and then locate it into sockets in a tall steel structure.

The Problem:

The current method meant the forklift had to be called in (at short notice) to remove an empty bag and replace with a full bag. Locating the lifting frame in the sockets of the support structure required considerable driving skills and diverted the forklift from other tasks.

Forklift movements in the area was an increased risk to the frequent pedestrian traffic.

Product Chosen:

Safetech supplied and installed a freestanding twin Monorail system with electric chain hoists and custom made lifting frames.

Benefits of this Product:

  • This system allows the 1,000kg bags to be easily and safely manoeuvred by a single operator
  • Bags can be delivered to Monorail by hand pallet truck.
  • Changing of bags is quick and effortless.
  • Bags can be exchanged as required – no waiting for forklift.
  • Task can be performed by both male and female staff.
  • Forklifts no longer required in the area.


The only alternative was to continue using the current method.