Built to last: Safetech unveils super strong lifting table


It might seem obvious that industrial equipment should be manufactured to survive an industrial environment but the truth is that this is often not the case.

An accurate comparison can be made with the power tools market. Most are familiar with cheap brands marketed at the home handyman where occasional use is the norm – but you won’t find these tools in any tradesman’s kit.

The same is true of lifting products.

Safetech has recently designed and built a custom 20 tonne scissor lift table for container loading in the building materials industry.

It was specifically designed as part of an automated handling system that will deliver substantial cost savings to the client.

To deliver these savings the scissor lift has to be reliable and durable.

The specifications of the scissor lift were 20 tonne lift capacity, 9m x 2.3m deck with 1.8m lift stroke and it weighed more than 15 tonne.

The customer required Safetech to design a lift table that was exactly suited to their requirements, was compliant with all Australian design and OH + S standards and could be relied upon in a demanding work environment.

This project demonstrates the expertise of the Safetech engineering staff that design and manufacture significantly more scissor lift tables than any other Australian lift table company.

Safetech has extensive in house experience in a vast range of scissor lifts from small 250 kg units up to 20 tonne tables, including double and triple scissors, tandem scissor lifts and almost any kind of modification or option.

Customers can choose a lifting solution from more than 5000 scissor lifts and platforms.

All Safetech scissor lifts are engineered for long life – made to handle a robust industrial environment and work safely and reliably for many years.