Building a perfect relationship

Daniel Lemm runs a small locksmith company in Melbourne – Rapid Locksmiths.

When Daniel discovered there was a gap in the market for a cost effective product that he and other locksmiths needed, he decided to act.

This was not an easy feat for someone without experience in product design, prototyping and manufacturing of a new product.

When Daniel went to replace his old wooden jig, he discovered there was only one over priced tool made of stainless steel that was available to retrofit locks.

Knowing he could make a better product at a much lower price, he set out to achieve this task.

After designing a plastic jig model, Daniel realised he knew little about injection moulding or tool making. He was also spending money with Patent Attorneys, registering the design in Australia and a trading name – Dynamite Tools.

The challenges began, a Moulder advised that his design would be pushing the limits of moulding and furthermore the tool would exceed his budget. Then trying to find a toolmaker that would provide timelines and help with his manufacturing problems seemed impossible. Daniel’s confidence to proceed with his product was really being

Searching a little more he contacted a sales technician at Formero, a company specialising in rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing.

The Formero technician listened to his ideas and understood exactly what was needed to successfully produce the new product.

Formero’s Design for Manufacture service was used to re-design the jig. This process minimises the number of production tools to reduce the overall costs.

Formero has project managers in Australia and China to streamline each stage of the product development process.

Daniel’s Retrofit Jig is now available in Australia and NZ, distributed through Locksmiths Supply Company.

Proud of his efforts, Daniel said: “For me the sense of achievement far outweighs the time, effort and money I have put on the line to bring this product to the market.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it without the professional help from the team at Formero.”

Ph: 03 9819 4422