Budpak’s Supplies Bulk Bag Fillers To Qatar

Budpak recently supplied twin bulk bag fillers for the Anode Services Plant at the Qatalum site in Qatar.

Both bulk bag fillers will operate as net weight fillers:

1)   The first bulk bag filler handles free flowing course crushed bath at a rate of 25 x 1000kg bags per hour.
2)   The second bulk bag filler is for free flowing tapped bath also at a rate of 25 x 1000kg bags per hour.

Both bulk bag fillers are stand alone units with bulk bag placement and removal performed manually by the operator with fork lift assistance to remove the filled bags.

The bulk bag fillers include a net weigh hopper, heavy duty RHS support frame, filling chute complete with a pneumatic inflating dust tight bag holder and bag pre-inflation and dust collection ports, bag pre-inflation system, Rinstrum 5100 indicator, and stainless steel product contact surfaces.

Bud-Pak has previously supplied similar bulk bag fillers for handling these products in Bahrain and Oman. Budpak had installed hundreds of filling, palletising and stretch wrapping installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.