Breathe easy with Sperian respiratory equipment

Sperian Protection, a leader in personal protective equipment, offers a first class range of respiratory equipment – including the Survivair 4000 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system.

Ideal for asbestos removal, the Survivair 4000 Series PAPR incorporates the 4000 series full face mask, with a speaking diaphragm for improved communication, and a fan unit powered by a water resistant contoured battery pack worn on the waistband.

The powerful fan delivers cool clean air into the face piece through a replaceable P3 rated PAPR filter at a flow rate of 170L per min. This helps reduces inward leakage, for increased wearer comfort. 

With a battery life of eight hours, the 4000 Series PAPR is suitable for all day use with the ability to be recharged overnight. The battery pack also features an automatic resetting circuit protector that doesn’t require fuses, protecting workers against battery short circuits.

As an added safety precaution, workers have an option of using either a filter shower cap with holes to protect the filter from water when walking through a safety shower; or a shower cap without holes if only the PAPR unit is going through the safety shower.

The mask mounted Survivair 4000 PAPR weighs 1.67kg and is the lightweight solution for optimal asbestos protection.

All Sperian PAPRs have been tested and are certified by SAI Global to meeting Australian Standards for respiratory protection ASNZS 1716:2003

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