Breathe easy with JetVent


Say goodbye to hot, stagnant air in the workplace with Fantech’s latest development in ventilation solutions.

The JetVent Air Mover is ideal in large enclosed areas providing a revitalising cross-flow of air.

Fantech Engineering Manager Kerry Dumicich says the low profile and high mounting position of the air mover means it will not interfere with floor activities in warehouses, work areas and public recreation facilities.

“From a safety point of view the JetVent Air Mover is better than most alternatives because you don’t need to be concerned about electrical leads on the floor and becoming tangled in them and tripping over,” says Mr Dumicich.

“There is also minimal interference with vertical space under the unit. Pallets can be safely stacked under the unit as the fan is enclosed in a sturdy galvanised housing.

“Further, it’s a high performance economical ventilation solution for these large enclosed spaces, see the difference it can make to the productivity and concentration from warehouse and production staff.”

The efficiency of the Air mover is in part due to the aerodynamic design of the interior fan housing which maximises air velocity and hence the distance the air travels, as a result fresh air can be felt up to 20m from the unit.

Mr Dumicich says air movement is important as it enabled heat transfer.

“As the air passes by, a small amount of body heat is transferred to the moving air, creating a feeling of freshness because the air is continually moving you don’t get a build up of hot, stagnant air. This in turn results in a more comfortable and enjoyable environment,” he says.

The Air Mover has adjustable outlet nozzle vanes that allow airflow to be redirected to optimise air movement in a particular area.

Operating at a maximum of 54 decibels (A) at 3m, the unit is relatively quiet so has
little impact on the day-to-day activities within the building.

Two models are available, a single high-speed unit for 240V single phase electrical outputs, and a two speed unit for 415V three-phase electrical outputs.

Weighing only 85kg, the JetVent air mover comes with easy to read instructions for mounting and operation and a 12-month warranty.

Ph: 1800 133 379