Breath of fresh air from Fans Direct



Fans Direct, Australian suppliers of ventilation equipment to the construction and mechanical services industries have launched the MacroAir range of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans in Australia and NZ.

The fans are a scaled up version of the familiarceiling fans used domestically and commerciallyto provide cooling and air circulation benefits.

Ranging in size from 2.4m to 7.2m in diameter,the fans can move up to 10,000cm of air per minute as a gentle breeze but with a running cost of less than 20c per hour.

In an open plan space like a factory or indoorsports arena, one 7.2m fan is able to cover an area the size of six tennis courts while consuming0.694kWh of electricity.

To compare, it takes 26 conventional high speed fans (700mm size) consuming a total of 15kWh of electricity to achieve the same air flow.

As well as exceptionally efficient, the HVLS fans are almost silent in operation.

The product is designed to deliver increased comfort for people working in or visiting large volume buildings like factories, warehouses andbig box retail spaces by creating a perceived temperature reduction of 4-6C.

In colder months the fans can be used on lowspeed to bring warm ceiling level air down to floor level (de-stratification), greatly increasingcomfort. When retrofitted alongside existing air conditioning systems savings in running costs of up to 15 per cent can be achieved without reducing comfort. 1300 733 833