Breath of fresh air


Air movement specialist Fanquip has released a new series of Tunnel Vent fans ideal for the poultry industry and the general live-primary sector.

The fans are put into one end of a shed and they simply pull the hot air through a louvre and out into the outside atmosphere.

There is no need to physically tension bolts every two or three months because each Fanquip Tunnel Vent Fan has a selftensioning device.

Arguably the most unique characteristic of these units is that they do not use a clutch system to open louvres clutch systems are prone to jamming and often leave the entire system open.

Fanquip Tunnel Vent Fans use a “no fail” weigh-control (gravity) operation rather than the more commonly used centrifugal clutch system, which has a spring-loaded opening from a spinning impeller.

Fanquip’s version is a weighted louvre to help it close, while the moment any air goes
through it the louvre opens. Therefore, there is no mechanical stress at all caused by this important and frequent action.

Tunnel Vent Fans provide a consistent airflow through any shed.

The heavy duty design uses galvanised construction and more powerful motors than is common in regular shed fans.

Ph: 1800 224 308