Branach's Focus on Opportunity & Innovation

During the early 1990's a shift in attitudes towards occupational safety caused both regulators and employers to reconsider work practices, equipment and equipment usage.

A sharper focus on safety had a strong impact on the the ladder industry particularly regarding electrical equipment and apparatus.

There was a noticeable move away from the traditional timber and aluminium ladders with their inherent weight and safety problems.

The heightened awareness of safety created an opportunity to design a fibreglass ladder that was stronger than aluminium and lighter than timber. Engineers at Branach stepped in and by the mid-1990's had created a fibreglass ladder with a new jointing system using hi-tech adhesive.

Through many prototypes, design reviews, field trials and extensive testing a new ladder was born.

The result was a stronger, lighter, safer ladder than any other in the world.

Continual development by Branach engineers has seen the technology applied to a range of fibreglass ladders that have evolved to solve the climbing problems for a wide variety of industries & utilities.