Branach Launches Step Platform Ladders with Levellers

Branach Manufacturing’s step platform ladders are recognized as a safe way to work at heights.

For safety and stability the Branach step platforms must always be used with the platform level. Until now using them on uneven or sloping ground has been difficult. To enhance the safety of the units for outdoor use Branach have now introduced a levelling system which allows the user to adjust each leg individually to level the platform.

Light weight quick connect couplings are permanently attached to each leg of the unit allowing the user to attach the leveller legs as needed. The system minimizes weight and the levellers can be attached and removed in a matter of seconds. The levellers have an extension range of 240 mm allowing the platforms to be used over curbs and on reasonable slopes. They have been found particularly useful for the maintenance of traffic lights where there is usually a curb and often sloping ground.

The levelling system is also available for Branach extension ladders where two quick connect couplings are attached to the ladder and only one levelling leg is required to level the ladder in most situations.