Boge’s high purity adsorption dryer

Boge Compressors has recently launched the D series ultra high purity, energy efficient and highly reliable adsorption dryers.

The new Boge D series are highly reliable and cost effective adsorption dryers that embody state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that only high quality compressed air is generated.

The D series features the traditional twin tower system, however each tower contains a cartridge that contains pre and after filtration as well as the desiccant media.

While one tower adsorbs humidity, the other one regenerates the desiccant.

Saturated compressed air leaving the compressor enters the inlet of one of the towers via a water separator which collects water in a special condensate chamber before
passing through the pre-filter in the cartridge.

This system prevents any bulk water migration into the desiccant media. This water is then separated during regeneration of the reservoir. Subsequently, the air passes through the desiccant which adsorbs the remaining water vapour from the air.

After the drying process the air passes through a particulate filter which is designed to collect any residual dirt or dust particles so that the air produced conforms to quality Class 2 according to DIN ISO 8573.1.

A unique volume flow regulator controls the flow of compressed air and prevents any over loading of the dryer. Simultaneously to the drying process a small portion of the dried compressed air is directed through the other chamber to adsorb the media. The desiccant is therefore regenerated without any additional energy consumption.

The new D series adsorption dryer from Boge emits very low sound pressure levels making it extremely quiet in operation. This unique sound absorbing feature reduces the exhaust air noise to a maximum 60 dB(A).

The D series is simple to install and easy to maintain. Flow capacity 2.07 m3/min and maximum operating pressure 16 bar.

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