Blowoff Station Eliminates Static Electricity And Dust

EXAIR’s new Static Eliminating Blowoff Station delivers a concentrated flow of ionised air to remove dust and other contaminants from a charged surface.  It is ideal for bench top and machine mounting to clean parts and eliminate the static electricity charge that attracts the dust and contaminants.
The Static Eliminating Blowoff Station uses EXAIR’s Stay Set Ion Air Jet to minimise compressed air use by inducing surrounding airflow at a ratio of 5:1.  This unique, focused airstream carries the static eliminating ions to the targeted surface, eliminating the charge in less than half a second.  A flexible hose that holds its position keeps the airflow aimed at a specific spot until physically bent or moved to another position.  The magnetic base allows easy mounting and includes a shutoff valve for infinite control of force and flow. 

The Static Eliminating Blowoff Station includes a 5kV power supply that is U.L. Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards, two 3 metre compressed air hoses, and a foot pedal valve for hands-free operation.  Applications include cleaning products, containers, and removing contaminants from parts prior to surface coating, painting, screen printing or ink jetting.

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