Blast-Jet making a big splash in industry circles

Labour intensive washdowns have become a thing of the past, thanks to Blast-Jet Therm high pressure cleaners.

The range of Blast-Jet Therms has been designed for use across all industries and boast reduced labour time, water use and fuel consumption.

With Therms, hot water high pressure cleaning has never been simpler.

Company research shows the German manufactured machines have the potential to save 60 per cent of chemical usage and 80 percent of application time, using a unique Maxi-Foam chemical applicator.

The Therms are ideal for a range of industries such as truck cleaning, cleaning of earthmoving equipment (bobcats and excavators) as well as the food industry including abattoirs and chicken producers.

They are able to draw in a chemical or sanitiser to enhance the clean, eliminating the need to mix a degreaser or sanitiser separately, substantially reducing both chemical usage and labour time.

The Therms have a diesel-fired burner which heats the chamber and makes it efficient.

They are also available as an electrical system, with single phase or three phase available, ideal for use in areas where diesel fumes could pose problems.

The devices meet and exceed European standards, and feature an ergonomic designed gun and a knife jet nozzle that projects a sharper chisel-like stream for optimum cleaning effect.

Blast-Jet offers a two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Ph: 1800 812 223