Big results from miniature heat exchanger

Teralba Industries, a specialist in heat transfer, has released a new miniature style of Heat Exchanger with outstanding results.

Designed and made in Australia, the Coilflo is ideal for heating, sterilizing and/or cooling of any fluid stream, liquid samples and any pumpable products.

Australian designed and manufactured, this compact, fully-welded heat exchanger has applications across the food, dairy, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, HVAC and brewing industries.

Ideal for processing low flows and sample batches, Coilflo Heat Exchangers are compact and sanitary enough to be utilized in laboratories.

Coilflo micro Heat Exchangers retain the ultra-high efficiency Heat Transfer Co-efficients of Teralba’s renowned Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers in an extremely compact, self-draining configuration.

The Coilflo is constructed using duplex stainless steel, titanium and an internally mirror-finished tube for heating and/or cooling high purity products.

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